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C.C. Cragin Operation & Maintenance Update:
  • SRP ceased discharges to the East Verde River on July 27 for the season. The priming tank will remain full for dipping access should the Forest Service have the need for fire-fighting. Additional water will be released into East Clear Creek next week to further lower the lake elevation, accommodating inspection of an inlet structure that is normally under the water surface. The total discharge to the East Verde River for the season was approximately 3,200 acre feet. The CC Cragin Reservoir began the week with a capacity of 3,690 acre feet. Operations ceased at 3,490 acre feet on July 27.

SRP acquired C.C. Cragin (formerly Blue Ridge) reservoir on East Clear Creek from Phelps Dodge Corporation in February 2005 as part of the 2004 Arizona Water Settlement Act. For more history and information on C. C. Cragin, visit the SRP site.

C. C. Cragin Dam is a thin-arch concrete structure with a height of 170 feet and crest length of 492 feet. The watershed above the reservoir is 71.1 square miles. When full, C. C. Cragin Reservoir impounds 15,000 acre feet with a water depth of 100 feet. Water is pumped to the East Verde River via a tunnel, pumping plant, pipeline and related facilities. SRP pumps water at a maximum rate of 35 cubic feet per second from the reservoir during the summer for deliveries to SRP shareholders and, in the future, to Payson and other Northern Gila County communities. The spillway has a maximum capacity of 22,500 cubic feet per second. At minimum pool (elevation 6640 ft) the lake contains 2,165 af of water and is approximately 77 surface acres in size.

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Cumulative Precip Since Jan. 17.69 in7/31/2014 9:30:00 PM
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