C.C. Cragin Operations and Maintenance Update

Data TypeValueLatest Reading
C.C. Cragin
Percent Full61 %9/26/2017 2:30:00 AM
Current Volume9,198.00 af9/26/2017 2:30:00 AM
Current Elevation6,694.74 ft9/26/2017 2:30:00 AM
East Verde River Diversion from East Clear Creek
USGS Flow (cfs)0.00 cfs9/26/2017 3:30:00 AM

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SRP’s website for water level and precipitation data has moved! Check out WatershedConnection.com for information about current conditions in the Salt River and Verde River watersheds, as well as information about SRP’s role in protecting these rivers for the benefit of all water users. Please update your bookmarks to the new website. WatershedMonitor.com is scheduled to be retired on October 1, 2017 and traffic will be redirected to the new website at that time.

----- Update 9/25/2017 --------
The C.C. Cragin pumping system went into an outage at 0845 on 9/25/2017 for electrical and pump work. SRP will provide an estimated restart date when that is available.

SRP acquired Cragin Reservoir from Phelps Dodge Corp. in February 2005 as part of the Gila River Indian Water Rights Settlement approved by the Arizona Water Settlement Act. The agreement settled water rights issues and allowed for the transfer of the reservoir to SRP from Phelps Dodge, which built Cragin Dam in 1965 for the purpose of collecting water to deliver to the Verde River as a water-exchange settlement with SRP. In addition to satisfying obligations to the Gila River Indian Community, Cragin is used to supplement SRP shareholders' water supply and to assist in improving the water supply situation in Payson and northern Gila County in accordance with the Arizona Water Settlements Act. SRP transferred ownership of the Cragin facilities to the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, but continues to serve as operator of the system.
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